Make a gift to Central’s Endowment Committee to provide ongoing support to missions and ministries of the church, many of which might not otherwise be funded.

How Will My Gift Be Used? The Endowment Committee was established by Central’s Charge Conference in 2000. Since that time, the Endowment Committee has been receiving gifts and using income from those gifts to fund mission trips, work projects, youth ministries, camp scholarships, and numerous other missions and ministries of the church.

What Types of Gifts Can be Given? Most gifts are cash gifts. However, gifts can be in many forms, including stocks, bonds, real estate, life insurance, personal property, and charitable remainder trusts. The Endowment Committee’s GIFT ACCEPTANCE POLICY (click here for this document) provides further details.

How Can I Make a Gift? A Donor may make an outright gift at any time, or may make a planned gift for some future time (usually thorough a will or trust).

How Will My Gift Be Invested? The goal of the Endowment Committee is to preserve principal and use all or a portion of the income to support the works of the church. The Dakotas United Methodist Foundation (DUMF), with the assistance of its retained investment advisor, invests endowment money for the Dakotas Conference of the United Methodist Church. Central’s Endowment Committee forwards all gifts received by it to the DUMF to be held in a special account for the Endowment Committee and invested in the same manner as other DUMF endowment money. All gifts are invested in a manner consistent with United Methodist Social Principles.

What If I Have Questions? You or your advisor may contact Central’s office (605-432-4766) with your questions.